You see a dead fly in the window of the restaurant…

What is your impression now of the inside; the staff; the kitchen?….
Not good I assume. It actually might be perfect inside but one fly got in and now your perception is all that matters.

A commercial clean might not stop the fly but you can feel confident that your customers will only receive a good and lasting impression of the cleanliness in your premises. Can you put a value on that? It’s difficult, but we have your business in our minds and expect you to get a return on your investment in professional cleaning from i2Care.

Toilets are top of the list

In customer reviews, the state of the toilet areas is the most criticised for cleanliness in pubs and restaurants. Yet many places still don’t have a regular rota throughout opening hours, so by the end of the day things can get pretty nasty! Even those that do have a daily rota, it is mostly surface cleaning. You need a daily detailed and deep clean to get proper sanitisation of the toilets, floors, mirrors and sinks.

Whether you have a pub, restaurant, café, fast food outlet or club, be assured that your customers will post only positive reviews when i2care are in charge of your cleaning.

We understand that you don’t always have time to deal with every cleaning issue or spillage that might arise. Any emergencies can be quickly remedied with our Instant Response Service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call us, get through and get a ‘Yes’!

Our promise

Here is what you will receive from us on a daily and weekly basis:

• Careful feather dusting of tills, fixtures and fittings
• A damp wipe to remove marks on walls
• Hoovering using a tough commercial vacuum
• The front glass door inside and out to maintain a smart appearance
• Brass fittings and all mirrors
• Extra care around the reception and bar area
• Dusting hovering and/or mopping of store rooms
• In the kitchen, daily anti-bacterial cleaning of sinks, worktops, ovens, microwave, dishwasher and fridge
• Mopping all hard floor areas
• In the toilets, antibacterial floor mopping, toilets, sinks, mirrors and surfaces
• Removal and anti-bacterial cleaning of feminine hygiene bins
• On the stairs, a daily hoover and/or mop

• All window sills and other surfaces
• A thorough damp wipe of cupboards

• Internal window and glass cleaning
• Deep chair and table dusting and cleaning

Added services

House cleaning
Pubs and Restaurants
One off Clean
Deep Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning
Window cleaning
Outside areas and facades
IT Equipment Cleaning
Waste Removal
Janitorial supplies

Deep cleaning specialists

Ask us about our deep cleaning service specially designed for commercial kitchens to tackle the built up grime and food waste residue that gets left in corners and hard to reach places.

Free Quote:

Get in touch by email at or call 01483 760017 for a free onsite quotation or to tender for your requirements.

Free 10 – Point Property Inspection

This is a free, no-obligation, informative and useful report.

It tells you exactly to what standard your premises are at. It will compare you to the requirements of the Health and Safety at work regulations. The 10 – point test covers:

1. Dust particle test
2. Mould and condensation
3. Carpets – including under furniture
4. Upholstery
5. Ovens/Kitchens sanitation
6. Limescale
7. Flooring
8. Toilet area hygiene
9. Desk top equipment
10. Staff area

To find out how to book your free inspection, click here